Gidlöf's farm in Gideåberg

On this farm in Gideåberg, Jonnie's grandfather Bror Otto Gidlöf was born in 1893. On the map for Gideåberg, the farm was located at number 4.
The family had moved here in 1888 from Västaberget (number 2 on the map) and they stayed here until 1895 went they then moved to Salsjön. In 1905 they returned to Gideåberg and this farm.

From left: Erik Gidlöf and his wife Amanda, their daughters Karin and Ester, their sons Joel, Verner and Helge. The three smaller children are Ester's children, Harry, Mary and Jörgen. Then Esters husband Marius Nielsen, Karin's future husband Sigfrid Sikström, and Johan Henriksson. (Johan was married to Erik's sister Anna Lisa.) The photo is taken in spring 1915 (The names are linked to each person. Click on the photo to enlarge it)

Anna Lisa Gidlöf
This is Anna Lisa Gidlöf who was a sister to Erik och Anders Gidlöf, among others.
The photo is taken sometime in the early thirties.

Anna Lisa who died in 1937 was married to Johan Henriksson. They were also cousins on their fathers side. Anna Lisa and Johan had tweleve children together.

Johan Henriksson is in the photo above, it's the man with the beard to the right.

They lived in a house that was diveded from Eriks Gidlöf's estate.

The house had a porch in american style. probably Johan had taken impression of american architectural style during the years he lived there.

Unfortunately the house was taken down in the early forties and there hasn't been found any pictures of it.

In the small house Jonnie's greatgrandfather Anders Gidlöf was born in 1854 but the house was then located a few hundred meters away, see number 1 on the map. The reason that they moved the house was that the road through the village was redirected.
In the small house Anders' parents Anders Andersson Gidlöf and Gretha Lisa Nilsdotter lived until they died in 1904 and 1908.
The house still remains, but is in pretty bad shape.

This picture shows how the little house looked like sometime during the thirties. This house still remains today and looks the same although it nowadays is sloping and crooked.
(Click on the photo to enlarge it)

The big house was most likely built by Anders' brother Jonas (or by his brother Erik) some time during 1880-90.
Jonas had taken over the homestead after his father and stood as a Homestead owner on 1,5 seland from 1881. However Jonas became insolvent and went bankrupt.

His brother Erik bought back the homestead from the bankrupt's estate for 2700 kr. This was in the autumn of 1892.
Jonas was written as a worker until he and his family moved to Umeå in 1895.
In 1895 Anders moved to Salsjön with his family.

Instead Erik moved in as the Homestead owner in March, 1895. Erik and his family seattled in the big house. They came from Helgum where they had lived at Åhs, since 1889.

In 1905 Anders returned with his family from Salsjön and when his father who had lived in the small house had died, the family most likely moved into that house.
Anders died in May the same year, Erika remained as a widow until she in December 1910 moved to Kiruna along with her children Helga, Emma Alida and Jonas Algot.
The daughters Ada, Hulda and Lydia stayed in Gideåberg, but they later moved one by one. Jonnie's grandfather, Bror Otto had moved to Jukkasjärvi already in 1908.

When Erik became old he devided the homestead and left one half to his son Einar and the other half to his son Verner. The sons were given certificate of registration in Oktober 1927.
Erik and Amanda moved to the small house, where they lived until they died in the forties.

Earlier there was a small timberhouse behind the big house, but it burned down many years age.

The new house that stands where the big house stood is rebuildt from the frame from the old house.

A big thank you to Karl-Erik Fredriksson that have managed to find these wonderful pictures, and for all supplementary details you given me. You're a gold mine, once more, a big thank you.

Sincerely Tina

June 2006