Cymric was launched October 12, 1897, she was White Star's largest ship ever and the fourth largest ship in the world when she took her maiden voyage, Liverpool-New York, on February 11,1898.
Cymric remained on that service for almost six years, although she also made two War trooping trips from Liverpool to Cape Town in 1900.

Then, in December 1903, when White Star took over the Dominion Line's Boston-Liverpool service, Cymric was transferred to that route. she remained on the Boston-Liverpool service until December 1914, when she resumed New York-Liverpool service.

At 4 pm on 8 May 1916, on her route from New York to Liverpool, Cymric was torpedoed three times. Cymric sank at 3 am on 9 May, with five deaths, 105 were rescued.

Relatives who was a passenger aboard The Cymric:

Albert Andersson       October    1901

Brita Kristina Gidlöf   August 23, 1907

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