Sofia Johanna Vikander
(1871 - 1948)

Sofia Johanna Vikander
in 1893

Sofia Johanna Vikander was born December 16, 1871 in Lien, Ragunda, as a daughter of Esbjörn Vikander and Stina Greta Pehrsdotter.
The family moved to Gideåberg in Edsele in 1875. In February 1889, with just a few weeks apart, she lost both her parents. Sofia Johanna was only 17 years old at the time.
Sofia Johanna stayed in her parentalhome with her siblings until April 27, 1893 when she then emigrated to the US.
She was 21 år and she went from Gothenbourg and her destination was New York. She traveled by Liverpool, on the ship Arizona.
In America Sophia Johanna Wikander called herself Johanna.

Erik Peter Olsson
år 1893

Erik Peter Olson was born December 17, 1863 in Ragunda. He emigrated from Gisselgård, in Ragunda to Cambridge, Minnesota in Marsch 14, 1891. He was written as a worker and departed from Trondheim in Norway, on Marsch 25, on Inmanline, SS Domino to Harris, Minnesota.
He became a member of "South Isanti Baptist church" and was baptized in June 28, the same year.
Upon his arrival he attended Business college and bought a country store in the little town of Blumford, very near Isanti, Minnesota.

Johanna Sophia arrived in Minnesota in 1893. She had waited to come until Erik Peter was established.
Johanna Sophia was baptized 28 juni 1893.
On September 27, 1896 they were married after the morning service at the church.

Erik Peter and Sofia Johanna Vikander
Wedding photo
dated September 27, 1896

The couple had 6 children, four girls and two boys.
Clara was born in July 1897, Hildur in June 1899, Agnes in December 1900, Beatrice in October 1905, Blaine Peter in 1910 och Donald H. in 1914.

Family photo
from about 1907
Top row - Erik Petter, Clara, Hildur, Sofia Johanna
Bottom row - Agnes and Beatrice.

As a couple they were active in the community and in their church.
Their lives changed abruptly when Erik Peter died of pneumonia on February 16, 1919..
Sofia Johanna ran the store for a short time until there was a fire and had to sell due to financial reasons.

"Blumford Store and Warehouse"
E.P as Erik Peter was called, with the family dog Toby,
then Agnes, Sofia Johanna and on the stair Clara and Hildur.

The family relocated to 1534 Washington Street in Minneapolis moving to a large house where Sofia Johanna took in borders. As a family they joined Elim Baptist Church where many of the family members continued to belong well into their adult lives. Their faith was important to them and they passed their love of the Lord to their children and grandchildren.

Sofia Johanna Vikander
photo taken in the mid 40's

Sofia Johanna was a diabetic and in 1948, she fell and broke her hip. She was bedridden for a while until she died in August the same year. Sofia Johanna became 76 years old.
It is spoken very highly of Sofia Johanna and it is told that she was a very loving, patient person, that no one ever recalls being angry and even if she must have felt that way at times she always retained her composure.

Sophia Johanna is buried next to her husband in Isanti Union cemetery, in Olsons family grave, where also the daughter Agnes later was buried.

A big Thank you to Linda Sornsen who is Sofia Johannas granddaughter and who has had the great kindness to send me all these wonderful pictures and who has told me about Sofia Johanna and about how her life became after she emigrated to the US.
Linda also sent me this photo where all Sofia Johannas children are gathered in her home in 1968.
And I will let this photo end the story about Sofia Johanna Vikander.

Back row: Blaine, Beatrice, Donald
Bottom row: Hildur, Agnes, Clara

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