Scythia (II) was Cunard Line's second Scythia, this ship was built by Vickers & Co, and was launched in 1920.
Her maiden voyage, Liverpool-New York on 20 August 1921, marked the beginning of 18 years of service between England and the US.

The Scythia was built for the services between Liverpool and Queenstown in Britain to New York and Boston, in the United States.
She was a luxury liner designed to appeal to American tourists, and in the mid-1920s, it began sailing from New York to the Mediterranean.

The Scythia was requistioned at the end of 1939, and became a troop and supply ship during the second World War.
Later in 1948, the Scythia was handed to the International Refugee Organisation to take refugees from Europe to Canada.

In 1950 it became a passenger ship again, sailing from Britain to Canada and later to New York. The Scythia was scrapped in 1958.

Relatives who was a passenger aboard The Scythia:

Helga Gidlöf   July 12, 1923

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