Krokvågs village
in Ragunda

These pictures are from Krokvågs village in Ragunda and shows where the farm that was owned by Jonnies great great great great great grandfather Jon Nathanaelsson was located.
Although the buildings are gone, the house was approximately where the prominent clump of trees is, and the farm was the fields surrounding that spot, although the exact extent of the fields is unknown.
Jon Nathanaelsson was born 1711 in Krångede, Ragunda and was a farmer at Krokvåg No:3 between 1742-1783. He was a dragoon for the farm's "rote" and he was also an official (civil servant)
Jon died in 1785. The farm stayed in the family for generations.

A big thank you to Millard Erickson for sharing these photos.
Millard who lives in the States and who is also a distant relative to Jonnie, visited Sweden and Ragunda in 2005.
We have recently come in contact with Millard and he has been kind to give these pictures as a contribution for this website.


May 2006