Laconia was a Cunard ocean liner built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, launched on July 27, 1911. Laconia was 600 feet long, 72 feet wide, she had two masts and two smoke stacks, was constructed in steel, weight 18,099 tons and had a service speed at 17 knots.
She was delivered to the Cunard Line on December 12, 1911 and began service on January 20, 1912. She served on the Liverpool - Boston route taking emigrants over the Atlantic Ocean.
There was passenger accommodation for 300 1st class; 350 2nd Class; 2,200 3rd Class. The journey took about 8 days.
On the outbreak of World War I Laconia was turned into an armed merchant cruiser in 1914 and wasn't handed back to Cunard until 1916 and on September 9 resumed service.
On February 25, 1917 she was torpedoed and sunk by the Germans, while returning from the United States to England with 75 passengers and a crew of 217 aboard, 12 people were killed, 6 crew and 6 passengers.
Another Laconia was built in 1921 and torpedoed and sunk by the Germans in World War II. The later Laconia had only one stack.

Relatives who was a passenger aboard The Laconia:

Hulda Gidlöf   November 11, 1913

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