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As I understand that it might be a problem to navigate on this website because of the language problem, I will try to give some help and advise to make it easier for you, our English speaking visitors.

At this website I present my genealogy that I made on both my husband Jonnie's and my own side of the family.

About the menu
In the menu to the left, you have different choices:

- Välkommen (Welcome) is the startpage.

- Om hemsidan (About the website) some facts for and about my website, for example that I respect people's personal integrity and that I follow the swedish law, to not include a living person without his or her permission.

- Familjen (The family) will show you our family with links to each of us.

- Tinas släkt (Tinas family) link to my side of the family.

- Jonnies släkt (Jonnies family) link to Jonnies side of the family.

- Efterlysningar (queries) Is where I ask for help to find out about a missing person or about a photo.

- Senaste Nytt (Latest news) here I show my latest updates.

- Gästbok (Guest book) please visit it and write a few words

- Blandat (Mixed) this page contains lot of things, genealogy tables, articles, stories, photo album, maps, links, name and place index, poem, obits, graves, ships list, genealogy friends and more pictures of houses and places.

- Vad håller hon på med? (What's she up to?) Like a diary I write about what I'm working with for the moment.

- Mailaddress if you like to contact me.

At the bottom there's a Free Counter, that measure how many vistors that come to my website.

What's at the link Tina or Jonnie's family?
At Tina or Jonnie's family there are links to:

Mor=Mother or Far=Father
Mormor or Morfar=Grandmother or Grandfather on mother's side
Farmor or Farfar=Grandmother or Grandfather on father's side
Personregister=Name Index
Ortsregister=Place Index
Antavla= Genealogy table

Search for a person
To search for a particulare person, you can chose "Blandat" in the menu and then further down at that page you will find "Person- och Ortsregister"
(Name and place index)
There are different indexes for Jonnie's and for my family.
These name and place index is also found if you chose Tina's or Jonnie's family in the menu.

Personal file
When you have found a person in the name- or place index, there's a link to his or hers personal file.
Every person has his/her own personal file and are all "built" the same way although the amount of facts can vary.
At the top, under the person's name, there are links to the parents, with name, birth and death year.
Then there is information about when and where the person was born and died (written in year, month, day)
There can also be information about baptism, confirmation, different places where the person lived, also often with date for the move.
Also there is information if the person has a family, with link to wife or husband, date for marriage and links to children.
Sometimes there is a story written about the person and since we have found our English speaking, Gidlöf's relatives, I have started to translate these stories into English. Not everyone has a written story, but if there is a story in English you'll find it further down at the personal file under the Swedish version.
In the text there can also be links and photos can be linked.

Already in English
Some pages are already translated into English and here are some links that will take you directly to them:

  • Gidlöf's home in Salsjön
  • Gidlöf's homestead in Gideåberg.
  • Map for Gideåberg
  • Anders Gidlöf and Erika Vikander's family photo
  • Albert Gidlöf's family photo
  • Life of Brita Kristina Gidlöf
  • Article about Irma Anderson written by Karen Beaujot
  • Article about Karen and Fred Beaujot written by Karen Beaujot
  • Article about Andrea Pietilainen written by Karen Beaujot
  • Article about Adrienne Pasternak written by Karen Beaujot
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Poem
  • The Ships List
  • Krokvåg village in Ragunda
  • Gleason family
  • Leanne and John Alden
  • Glenice and Robert Reed
  • Guerrero Family
  • Sawyer family
  • The history of Gideåberg
  • Sofia Johanna Vikander

    Other interesting links
    Here are some links to pages that might be of interest, altough they are in Swedish :
  • Pictures on grave sites
  • The Royal connection between King Gustav Vasa and the Gidlöfs'
  • Pictures from Gidlöf's family reunion in Stockholm 2006

    I hope that this text will be useful and help you to find your way around at this website. Finally I hope that you'll enjoy visiting our Gidlöv Family Website.

    Sincerely Tina Gidlöv

    February, 2007
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